Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Clearly I Have A Chair Thing

You know, a thing for chairs? I am about to inherit some excellent chairs (in the style of the 2nd picture) from a family friend, and I am already daydreaming about reupholstering them. And all I can think about are these two imagines I've pinned to my Pinterest page...

Pinned ImagePinned Image

Would it be crazy to buy some canvas, or whatever kind of fabric would be good for upholstery, and hand paint it?!! Because that's all I fantasize about. Even if I just hand painted a stripe, I just think it would look so amazing. But what color? I keep thinking red but then I wonder where on earth these chairs are going (this is what happens when you have a thing for chairs -- I never even told you about the mid-century Italian Leather ones I scored for a song while antiquing with my mom in Allenhurst during the heat wave just days before going into labor). I think at least one of them could go in little P's room, and I'd rather it be pink. But then what about when she's a teenager and is so over pink? Maybe royal blue? Grey? Black and white? Brown (totally not my instinct, but could be nice)? I might have to call up Lenny and see how poorly he reacts to this idea to gage just how crazy I'm being.

I am going to consult with my most trusted design aficianados (my SGBS partner, my brothers, my boss) and will report back on the project. But what do you think?

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