Monday, March 9, 2009

The Antiques Report

No trip to Maine is complete until you've filled up an old cardboard box with antique purchases. My favorite shops in the Bangor area are the Antique Marketplace & Cafe and School House Antique Mall (530 S. Main St., Brewer, 207-989-9777). My Aunt, who once owned her own antique shop in downtown Orono, always accompanies me and any other takers (usually my mother and her daughter). She is known for spotting things that don't immediately catch your eye, but inevitably turn out to be great finds. She gave me the chipped aqua urn, which I would run back into a fire to retrieve if the situation presented itself. She is responsible for half of the things in my house (the other half coming from Ikea), and helped me pick up a few more things on this very nice, leisurely, stroll through the booths. Here's what I got:

Sterling silver candlesticks (AM&C)... One of the few items on my list. I can't bring myself to buy new candlesticks, they just seem to lack soul. And a vessel for candlelight should have some soul, wouldn't you agree?

Old ceramic miniature pitcher (AM&C)... Great for a small arrangement of flowers. This was actually from my aunt's booth. 

6 Hand-painted in Japan What-not plates (SHAM)... Could not resist the idea of new small plates or the deal -- $4!!! Will come in handy for cupcakes, olive oil, olive pits, shrimp tails, and general adornment.

2 Rubberstamps (AM&C)... Less "antique" and more just "used," but at $2, the paper nut in me could not let them go. The honey bear is for my friend who is quickly turning into a stampoholic, and I got the greyhound for myself, to stamp on mail going to my Maine relatives, since they are greyhound owners and lovers.

A Pyrex bowl and matching glass lid (SHAM)... $10 for less Saran wrap in my life, now that's a deal.

2 very charming shallow bowls. Mr. SevPrez gave me the "we already have too many bowls" look, but then he left, and I brought them home with me. No regrets! I think this was the future I envisioned when I registered for white plates. : )


Anonymous said...

I know that season's have to change, but so abruptly? I miss the snow!


sevprez said...

i know i know, but i was craving some blue sky! all of the sudden it seems spring is here, but i know it's just a tease. i will work on finding something that satisfies us both!

Peggy D. said...

Great finds, beautifully photographed, Especially fun, since I was so recently at the Antique Marketplace and Schoolhouse. You discovered treasures I missed! That's some kind of rite of passage, I think.

Anonymous said...

OK - its time to hear from this NJ transpant living in Maine for the last 30+ years (I was only going to stay for one year)regarding our NJ visitors these last few weeks.

Its true we had some great times together - especially an unforgettable horse drawn sleigh ride through the woods (very "Currier & Ives")- something you should all experience if you decide to travel up here in the winter.

I don't know why these brave souls came up here in February and March but I can only guess 2 reasons - 1) they are trying to build up a stamina to winter to prove they are hearty and strong, or 2) they like us. They like to eat, drink, and sit by the fire and chat for long periods of time.

As sevprez stated, browsing the antique shops in this area is very special to all of us who do it. Of course, most of these treasures we find are not really antiques, but really "trifty shic" aged items which give us great comfort and joy. Our homes are filled with them and we all enjoy the challenge of finding more to give us more comfort and joy.

The University of Maine fitness center was a popular attraction to our athletic visitors. I guess because its a place where you can work out indoors and pretend you are outside because of the surrounding glass windows looking out to the 3 feet of snow piled outdoors. Even I like this place and I'm not an athlete, but I like windows and sunlight coming through them!

I liked having all the winter visitors this year. They were good for my winter depression (depression is a no-brainer if you live in Maine year round). Now I'm looking forward to a trip next week to Brooklyn - I understand there is no snow there - my daughter tells me there are green buds coming up in her garden! I know the snow will still be here when I return but it will be nice to put away my boots for that week.

Thank you Ted, Peg, Dallas and Kris for making the trip up here. You are loyal and loving and this transplanted NJ girl loves you for it.

Renu said...

can i come on the family trip next time? nice finds. the long lost bear! my favorite are the small japanese $4 bowls ($4 for all? or each?) and the look 'mr. sevprez' gave you, as i get that look all the time.