Thursday, March 12, 2009

Guest Blogger: Watt's On First, And Puns Abound

Today we are lucky enough have a first hand account of the March 7th So Watt show from my sister-in-law, who also happens to be the wife of the frontman (and the mom of the angelic blond with head turned). She was kind enough to chronicle the night for us, and give us a window into the human element of the band. As they turn into rock stars before our eyes, we are aware that they are still fathers, husbands, brothers, sons, and extremely talented professionals in other fields. As Walt Whitman would say, they contain multitudes, and I think that's what really blows the crowd away. These guys, who we know from other departments of our lives, are up there, sounding really great, entertaining us, making us smile, and leaving us wondering where on earth they find the time, courage, and commitment to take on such an endeavor. 

Thanks, sis, for your report and commentary! You are 100% Grade A Top-Quality.

. . .

First Night in Asbury Park, the first Saturday of March. March 7th proved a great evening to toast a nice change in weather, friends, family, friendly faces and good music: an evening after a glorious spring-is-on-the-horizon type of day. It was good to be out and about.

“YES, He IS amazing and awesome.” “YES, I know.” “YES, I do feel lucky.” These are just a few of the in-the-moment responses I had for people in the crowd at Brickwall Saturday night.  Mostly, they were answers to “Do you get how awesome he (Jason or Jim) is? I mean, (he) is so multi-talented.” “You are so lucky to hear them play whenever you want. Do you understand what great guy(s) you have?”

YES, I TOTALLY GET how extraordinary these two men are! I still get the goosebumps hearing them play out: together, as brothers, as bandmates, as receivers of some top-quality genes. I’m proud. Yes, that’s maybe how I should have responded, but something about the night and the authentic questions just made me smile, that’s the best I did in the moment. I think that about sums up my inner emotions and the adrenaline of the night: an energetic smile. Hope that answered people’s questions well enough.

Many are saying the third set was the best Saturday night. Hmmm… I would like to nominate the first set as the winner. The impact of starting off strong, holding a beat, getting the crowd singing along, tapping their legs and be-bopping in their seats at 9:30pm was a sure indicator that the crowd would still be there and wanting more even up until the last song ended at approximately 12:32! Apparently there are codes or rules that the restaurant/bar must obey. If there was ever a time to break the rules, it would’ve been Saturday night; however, the band, with its integrity intact, stopped and thanked the Brickwall, the patrons, and Asbury Park in general.

Well, readers who attended and those that did not, hope to see you Thursday, April 2… another performance at the Brickwall by the multi-talented, amazing, cool, awesome So Watt band, including Jim Goodman (on bass), John Hakem (on guitar), guest singers and the infamous Watt duo!

And YES, I will be proud once again to call my husband and brother-in-law rock stars. They have a creative outlet that could possibly be their careers, if they ever so chose. I’m just saying: that’s really how I get it, and how I understand how they are.

Feel free to ask me that night, though, how I feel! I like being part of the band, even if by default: the member that fields the questions in the crowd confirming the inner-ness of the Watt brothers. (Find out more about your inner-ness from the movie "You, Me and Dupree" or from Steve Jobs’s speech to Stanford Class of 2005.) If not, just know that the Watt brothers follow their passions. They don’t bother talking about their dreams: they act upon them! 

Thanks, loved the music!


Pops said...

Hear, hear.

And I get how amazing how awesome and amazing my daughters-in-law are, in so many ways. In every way. They brighten and better the lives of all who know them, and some who don't. It's contagious by contact: did you get it when reading Sharon's posting?

Gratitude and honesty ... the foundations of a wonderful life. Watt life is.


Did I mention my son-in-law, Mr. Sevprez? No? Well, know that I couldn't want a better son-in-law. I get what a wonder, what a power, what an inspiration he is.

I'm going to have a very good day! I always do.

sevprez said...

The real question is, when are they going to hire the back up dancers?!

Anonymous said...

thanks pops. you rock too :) and about the back up dancing: shall we get out the leotards, beyonce style?

Peggy D. said...

I wasn't at the Brickwall for First Night. I was having my own amazing night with two loving and lovable little girls whose dads were the rock stars in question. So, I read with relish this post. And filled up with wonder and gratitude for all the stars in my family.

clwatt said...

love the blog! it's so cool! So watt is SO going to rock the house down ROCK ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!