Thursday, March 26, 2009

In Sickness And In Health

Yesterday I spent part of my day gazing up at images of my very own organs, peeking in on them as they dutifully played their part in keeping me alive and in good health for one more day. 


It really got me thinking about how utterly dependent I am on my physical body, and how completely I take that fact for granted, and how that definitely stems from my desire, as a human being, to ignore the fragility of my existence, and the fact that it will one day come to an end.

It really puts things in perspective. 

Today I give thanks for being alive, coherent, healthy, mobile, independent, and loved. I feel lucky. 


Anonymous said...

Last night I watched a wheelchair bound man get himself into a cab. I, silently, thanked g-d for my feet (that I torture with high heels) and my strong legs (that I sometimes feel are too thick).
Thank g-d. We are very lucky.

I wish you the best health D!

sevprez said...

I know. I started thinking I should really love my abdominal area for housing all my organs, instead of thinking of it as a "problem area." how do we get this way? it's crazy.

you have great legs!