Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bed Linens Overshare

I think I've been plumbing too many design blogs, books, and magazines, because I feel the need to share my happiness upon finally assembling a cool look for our bed. Sometimes I have the urge to share something on the blog and I hold back, thinking, does anyone really need to know about my current mental state/new lipstick/lunch? Believe it or not, the thoughts you read here are carefully edited. 

Can I rationalize this editorial choice for a second? Our bedroom is really pretty small. It's a tiny room on the second floor of our little Cape, with low sloping ceilings and built-in shelves and drawers eliminating the need for any furniture beyond the bed. I have really grown to love our non-cluttered sleep sanctuary, however it means that the bed is really the only place to introduce some visual interest, so whatever is on the bed is the room.

You feel me? So... 

Remember the Alexander Girard duvet cover I thought had so much promise? Total bust. It wasn't big enough to hold our comforter, but of course I couldn't return it because I had already washed and dried it before I put it on. I am hoping to one day use it in the guest bedroom, which is only a full size bed. It is currently sans-duvet but that may change in the future. If not, it's drop cloth city and no looking back.

I'm always on the look out for cool sheets at a good price, so when I saw some interestingly patterned sheet sets at I jumped. I'm a little embarrassed that they are from Nate Berkus's line for HSN (that's Home Shopping Network for those out of the loop, which I used to be), and they could be a little softer, but at $50 the price was right and the look is great. 

It like the way it plays off my greek key bed skirt without making the bed look too much like an American flag. The red and purple number on top of the duvet is actually a rug from Ikea that used to serve no purpose on our wall-to-wall carpeted floor. Mr. SevPrez decided he couldn't take all the cat hair on the bed anymore, and demanded we put something down. (Did you know cats like to sit on stuff? Bags, socks, sweaters, pants, towels, it doesn't matter. They love having their own little piece of real estate.) Lacking a cool blanket I whipped out the rug (freshly laundered) from storage. He would like something a little bigger, but I am in love with the way it looks. I told him I'd buy a blanket, but I think I will conveniently forget. That's the bonus to being the shopper in the family.

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