Friday, March 26, 2010

Sharing A Poem: Trust And Faith

I had to read this one twice to really appreciate it. 

by Thomas R. Smith

It's like so many other things in life
to which you must say no or yes.
So you take your car to the new mechanic.
Sometimes the best thing to do is trust.

The package left with the disreputable-looking
clerk, the check gulped by the night deposit,
the envelope passed by dozens of strangers—
all show up at their intended destinations.

The theft that could have happened doesn't.
Wind finally gets where it was going
through the snowy trees, and the river, even
when frozen, arrives at the right place.

And sometimes you sense how faithfully your life
is delivered, even though you can't read the address.

I think would have called it "Faith." I don't have prepackaged faith. As an atheist I don't automatically count things in. For most of my life it was a word I didn't associate myself with — I turned my nose up at it. But when the going got tough, real tough, I figured I should look into what all the fuss was about. It took some real probing before it materialized, before it could be articulated.  Afterall, if you don't have faith in god, what do you have faith in? You kind of have to finish the sentence for yourself. I think this poem approaches my idea.

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