Friday, March 26, 2010

Elle Decor, Why Not?

I had a moment when buying my new sheets via HSN. As I was checking out it asked me if I wanted to subscribe to Elle Decor for $7 a year, and I said why not? With all the cool shelter magazines going out of print, I have been tempted at least once to buy ED while waiting around in Penn Station. It's sort of like Vogue for your house — you're never going to live like that, nor can you afford anything in it, but sometimes you get good ideas. Anyway I figured if I bought it twice at the news stand, it would more make up for the cost of the subscription, so I clicked the yes button. 

I forgot about it for a while, then received two issues in two weeks. I've only ripped out a few things, but then I saw this London home, and it earned its keep. The home is still aspirational, but I can learn from the mix of old and new design eras, color and neutrals, clean lines and crazy textiles. 

These are things I can work with. 

Yellow! Built-ins!

Bleached grey floors! Ikat pillows!

And you don't need to be an heir to a cosmetics dynasty to appreciate hugs. 

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