Saturday, March 20, 2010

Kennwegoback To Kennebunkport?

It's March, which means it's time for the SevPrez family's annual trip up to Maine. We actually thought about going to Mexico this year, but we decided we'd rather not get on a plane, we'd rather spend our money on our kitchen renovation, we'd rather hang out with family all-stars instead of drunk spring-breakers, and well, we just really love Maine. 

This year's trip is completely different than the 2009 version, when the ground was covered with three feet of snow. We had planned to shorten the drive up with a stop at Kennebunkport, and it was really fantastic to have some 70 degree weather for our coastal activities. A lot of which entailed laying in our king size bed (upgraded because there were so few guests) at The Breakwater Inn and gazing out upon the water.
Yeah, I could do that all day. 

Which we did, into the night. As life long East-Coasters, it was hard to wrap our brains around how we were watching a sunset over the water, but we think it has something to do with the way the coast juts out and our position on the bay. You can't make them out , but there were about a half dozen surfers entertaining us out there.

I highly recommend this spot to all you readers who love New England. It was big enough that you felt you had some anonymity but small enough that you felt like you had it all to yourselves. The rooms were quite crisp (not like staying at a B&B that evokes the guest bedroom of your crazy aunt who loves angel figurines and doilies).

The bed was like sleeping on a cloud. Seriously, I have never enjoyed sleeping so much. And the bar house infuses their tequila with pineapples and hot peppers, which makes for a very smooth margarita. Hmm, maybe that's why I slept like a baby. 

We were only there for about two hours before I was planning on coming back. That's my problem with traveling, I fall in love with places and can't bear the idea that I'll never be there again. Luckily we have lots of reasons to keep coming back to Maine, and with the drive to Orono being at least eight hours, we have lots of reasons to stop in Kennebunkport again.

And if you were planning on trying popover at Jordan Pond this summer, it makes sense for you too!


blankinbehl said...

those photos look like postcards. blankinbehls may have to make a trip. sending love, and hope you have a beautiful rest of the time. xo

Peggy D. said...

I love that you love New England and especially Maine. I'm adding the inn to our itinerary. But I want to go off season, too. Surfers in Maine? Really?