Saturday, March 13, 2010

Swedish Fit

I need to go to Sweden. First I was really feeling their interior decor, then I ordered a new pair of Sven clogs,  and finally I devoured The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Now I feel I need to decamp to a one room cabin in a Swedish fishing village and drink coffee and eat open faced sandwiches all day. 

But since I won't be moving any time soon, the next best thing would be ripping up my carpet (it's been on the list anyway) and bleaching my hardwood floors. The hallmark of many Swedish homes is there whiteness -- with those long nights and long winters, you could see why the Swedes would want their homes to glow. White is clean and simple, a good backdrop for the clean lines of Swedish design. Take a look...

via KML design.

via designfragment.

This home's in Brooklyn, not Sweden, but still. 
via DesignSponge.

via Skoden Hem.

I'm asking myself why I didn't paint the back room floor white when I had the chance. Or light grey. It had occurred to me but I was shamed out of it again and went with dark grey. I do remember reading something about the floor bleaching process in Martha Stewart Living and thinking it sounded really involved and expensive. Still, I can dream. 

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