Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Baby SevPrez has started to talk a lot. She's been saying a few words for a long time now -- "Bop" & "woof" (in refernce to my parents' dog Bebop), "cat" & "meow," "mom" & "dad" etc. Nowadays she'll repeat almost anything you say, but she has taken especially to exclamations. She quickly learned to say "uh oh" when she drops something, which happens a lot apparently. Next was "oh boy," which she turned into "ohboy-ohboy-ohboy". Pretty much the cutest thing ever. Following was "whoa."

Are these exclamations or is there a better term? It seems just at the tip of my tongue but I can't get it out.

Also: she is a dancing fool. The "Gangnam Style" dance crazy has official reached our house by way of her big cousins. She even loves to watch the video on my iPhone, which, it turns out, is scarily intuitive to toddlers. She is infatuated with "jumping" (only one foot leaves the ground), and giving high fives and even pounds. Oh to be a year and a half old in 2013.