Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Best Things That Happened To Us Today

When I asked my daughter before bed, she said "When we called Carly in the car ." (Carly is her awesome cousin who turns 16 today.) I should mention that today being Valentines Day, we had ballet class, went to the bakery, went shopping (got Frozen socks), went to a pizzeria for lunch, exchanged gifts, and played played played. Love is strong. 

When putting her to bed, we sang nursery rhymes together (usually I sing alone) she told me she was singing for the baby in my belly. Tear. 

She then asked me to leave and go get her dad because he's "comfy-cozy and doesn't breathe on me like you do." Them she said something about how I should take a shower in the morning because I smell, and eat a good dinner and get sleep so I have a lot of energy for Carly's birthday party. 

Parenthood is a mirror that tells no lies. 

Friday, February 13, 2015

Pre-school Valentines

With the Little One starting school, this time of year means school valentines. But nothing sugary! Drats. The days of going to the grocery store and getting a box of Looney Tunes Valentines are gone, I'm pretty sure of it. These are Pinterest times we are living in. 

That said, I wasn't all that inspired by Pinterest's non-sweet valentine projects. I thought I'd give each child a balloon so they could go home and blow it up and have something fun to play with that wasn't permanent junk. But I was home all day with the Little One and and thought she wouldn't enjoy that project very much. So I opened up my completely disorganized (and downright scary) closet of lost and sundry items and found a gaggle of little pompoms left over from her 3rd birthday party. I thought I'd cut shapes for ice cream cones and the Little One could glue them down with her fancy blue glitter glue, and we could use pompoms for cherries on top. But of course she had the best idea and wanted to use as many pompoms as possible, so we made the pompoms the ice cream. Collaboration is where it's at!

I should say that she was done after we completed about 3 of 15, and retired to watch "Curious George." But if I was going to slave over a craft project by myself for an hour, at least the idea came from her.