Wednesday, July 30, 2014

All Is Well

I was talking to a close advisor of mine about the sensation of tuning into truths that have always been there. 

Lately I have been experiencing a sense of inner peace that I don't believe I've ever felt -- certainly not as an adult, or without the aid of any substances. Not joy, not contentment, not accomplishment, not mania. What it feels like is this: I am going to be OK, no matter what anybody says or does or what happens. I am going to be OK.

On the "You Made It Weird" podcast with Pete Holmes, which is usually quite bawdy and funny, Deepak Chopra said something that I can't stop thinking about. When he said it, it was like it infected me, and I'm grateful that I'm at a place where wise messages can get inside and transform me, rather than just be something to intellectualize. He said: "I don't have bad days or grumpy days because, essentially, I don't mind what happens. I mean, I don't control the total universe. And yet every moment is a conspiracy of the total universe. So why would I fight the whole universe? Once you've let go of your idea of how things should be, nothing ever goes wrong. So in my world, nothing ever goes wrong."

Hillary Clinton said "Take criticism seriously, but not personally." Yes.

Lou Reed wrote, in "Magic and Loss" (which I personally believe is more powerful as prose than song):

They say no one person can do it all,
But you want to in your head.
But you can't be Joyce
so what is left instead.
You're stuck with yourself
and a rage that can hurt you.
You have to start at the beginning again.
And just this moment
This wonderful fire started up again.

When you pass through humble,
When you pas through sickly,
When you pass through
I'm better than you all,
When you pass through
anger and self deprecation,
and have the strength to acknowledge it all,
When the past makes you laugh
and you can savor the magic
That let you survive your own war,
You find that there is a passion
and there's a door up ahead not a wall.

Resonant messages from those who have passed through this thing before me. I share them here in case my future self needs reminding. I share them here with you.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Flowers From Matawan

The hubs's brought back this bouquet on his last visit.

We are so stoked on our new digs, but we really, really miss our flowers from the old house. It's kind of heartbreaking that we have to leave everything there. The hydrangeas and zinnias are in bloom! Ach!

We might have taken a lot of our favorite stuff if it wasn't the height of summer, but Mr. SevPrez is really proud of his work and in a way, it's a gift we are giving to the house. It was good to us. 

Friday, July 25, 2014

Other Things To Be Thankful For

Everyone needs to be wearing these shoes this summer! They are right up there with clogs -- highly recommendable to pregnant people or any woman who gets a pedicure for the foot massage. Worishofers were all the rage in Brooklyn circa 2006, and I'm taking the liberty of bringing them back. If Birks can come back, anything is possible. Ugly shoes are where it's at y'all! 

. . .

Also, I went to the liquor store a stone's throw from our new house and low and behold they have my favorite wine ever -- a Chenin Blanc/Viongier blend -- in the cooler! Further proof that this house was my destiny! Keep it in stock, people!

And lastly, after 32 years I have finally subscribed to premium movie channels, and it is the most decadent and amazing thing I have ever treated myself to. Even more than the cleaning lady. She is amazing, but it in different way, like if we didn't get her we may have exploded from stress, resentment, and misery. HBO is just awesome, no strings attached.

Holy Tomatoes, Batman!

Since we knew we were looking to move this summer, Mr. SevPrez planted at garden at his folks' house this year. And it's a beaute -- fenced in to protect the crops from deer, and complete with bamboo teepees. These are some killer tomato plants!  See for yourselves.

We're hoping to can some of the harvest, but it looks like a lot of work. Any tips?

Monday, July 21, 2014

Rhubarb Pie

A stucco Arts & Crafts house built in 1926.

It's not for everyone, but rhubarb pie is the favorite of a select group of adamant pie lovers. It's also the code name of my new house project, chosen because any house I was going to move into would feel warm and homemade, and be suited for not just anyone. My brother coached me on the project and just giving it a name that resonated for me was a huge help in keeping my excitement going and my motivations present while confronting the fear of uprooting into the unknown. And the paperwork, don't forget the paperwork!

My brother, who gets paid large amounts of money to coach Fortune 500 executives, will always tell you, you have to know the future -- what you want -- and leave figuring out "how to" for later. We created an aggressive date of July 1st when we'd be in our new house. And we came pretty damn close. Our house was on the market on April 21st, we closed on our new place on July 11th, and were sleeping there a day later. The house we are selling is currently under contract and *fingers crossed* will be sold before September is out!

And it's awesome! There is still a lot to do, but Mr. SevPrez and I both feel like we found our dream home. We each got what we wanted. I got a historic home with architectural detail and good bones in a nice neighborhood. He got a huge yard (it's a triple lot -- so much to landscape and room for a big garden) and a town that he feels is keeping it real. 

I was really nervous about moving the Little One. Every time I brought it up she would say "NO! We are NOT moving to a new house!" Seriously, for weeks I tried. My mom (the child whisperer) recommended we find a library book about moving, then upped the ante and said she was going to write a book about us, with pictures and everything. Only my mother.

I gave it one more try, before we started packing boxes on the 4th of July, and told her that her birthday party would be at the big new house. And don't you know it, she changed her tune! I gave her a box to decorate and she became part of the process. My mom delivered the book a few days later and she was filled with authentic excitement and a better understanding of what was about to happen.

She had a brief moment of yearning for the old house before bed on our first night, but when she woke up on Sunday morning, we heard her step into the hallway and say to no one in particular, "I love my new house!" 

And the project was complete.