Friday, October 24, 2014

Three And A Quarter

She tells me about her dreams. A lot of time she dreams about swimming with her cousins in a big pool. She'll tell me in the morning when I wake up. The other day we were on our way to the grocery store and she started telling me about a scary dream involving the boys at school, and kicking and yelling. I had to suss out the fact that it was just a dream (she forgot to mention that part in the telling).

She makes up her own songs "We are friends! We are friends! We are friends!" and makes up funny lyrics to the songs we know "Old McDonald had a farm and a microphone here and a rainbow there" etc. 

A week ago when I dropped her off at nursery school she said hello to all the kids she saw in the cubby room -- "Hi Audrey," "Hi Charlie." All of the sudden. She has really taken to nursery school. I'm glad we sent her five days. The first week was rough but as soon as I learned to leave as soon as possible, it didn't take long for her to adjust. I stopped by her school the other morning around 9:15 to drop off something that she had forgotten, and both parents of a little girl who only goes on Thursdays and Fridays were in the doorway doing to goodbye dance with their daughter. I think it's hard for the little ones when they are not in their routines.

She always wants a say in her outfits and almost always picks out her clothes. She almost always prefers dresses, preferably super fancy girl tutu dresses. 

We recently got her some gold boots that she is really pumped about, I think because they remind her of my boots. 

She has been talking about wanting to get her ears pierced but I'm not sure she's ready for the reality of it -- the piercing and the upkeep. I think I'll try and hold her off til next year at least.

We stopped napping her around 2 or 3 weeks after school started. She would nap unpredictably -- maybe every other day -- and when she did, she'd go to bed around 10. It was brutal! Now that she's not napping she turns into a crazy person around 6:30 every day, then gets her second wind and is off to the races. We've slowly been dialing back her bedtime from 8:30, with a target of around 7:30.

She loves chicken nuggets, carrots, pasta, bagels and lox, waffles, and fruit. And of course candy. 

After really, really rough visits with her doctor and dentist for her 2 year well visits (she just screamed and cried and resisted, it was really so terrible), she was a perfect angel for both her doctor (same) and dentist (new). I was so proud of her for being brave and so relieved.

I negotiated a new schedule and now work only 4 days a week, which is a real blessing. Having a whole day with her is quality mom time. I get to plan what we are going to do, make her lunch, and think of special outings that we can do together. The first week, after her dentist appointment, we got our nails done (her first manicure!). Last week we went to the mall and got her an outfit for her school picture. It really feels like stolen time. Not to mention that I get to do whatever I want while she's at school in the morning! What a luxury.

This is a lot of tedious information for probably anyone but myself and Pip's grandmothers, but I want to write it down so I can look back and remember what she was doing right now. Time goes by so quick.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Punkin Pay-atch

There is a little farm off 537 in Colts Neck called Brook Slope Farm… It's family owned and never swarmed. The perfect place to pick pumpkins with a toddler and get a free ride around the patch on a wagon pulled by a tractor. This is our second year there and it didn't disappoint!

Running for pumpkins.

Took a stroll through the corn… no maze necessary.