Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Two and a Half

Hiding from getting her picture taken.

From the mouths of babes:

"Wha doing? Wha doin guys?"

"Pippa not crying!"

Alternately, "Pippa crying!"
"You're crying, Pippa?"

"Pippa not sad, Pippa happy."

Coming over to hug my leg for no reason, or to say sorry.

After her cousin's petting zoo third birthday, she said "Animals are my favorite." Shortly thereafter, she comes out with, "Colors. Colors are my favorite." (Blue, Purple, Red, Pink. And green too. Not yellow.) A minute or two later: "Hearts and stars are my favorite. And balloons."

"Shers Shors" = Curious George, her new favorite show on Roku. She's even started eating bananas. Bananas! After two years!

"Carly's birthday coming up?" She is obsessed with birthdays. For a while she was so into birthday parties that she had to claim them for her own. "My birthday!"She would get so upset when we tried to explain it all to her. But since her half birthday came right before her dad's birthday, she seems to have gotten it. Which is a good thing, since we have so many February babies in the family.

This morning she called me into her bedroom and said "Sit down, Mommy." Then she said "I love you." A little later she said "Let's make cookies." (We made cookies on Sunday.) Then she said, "I love you," as she reached her arm around my neck to give me a hug. Then she said "Kiss" as she stuck her lips out, and we kissed. I could die complete.