Thursday, August 30, 2012

From Souls To Soles

Ever since I started my new job I became acutely aware of what turns out to be a collection of shoes I own. I never thought I really had that many pairs. I love shoes, of course, but never considered myself a shoe-horse.

On my first day of work I wore my turquoise suede strappy heels (yeah I said turquoise suede -- chosen by the same part of my brain that picked out the teal velvet couch). They have a decent heel, and they are fabulous. They make me happy to wear them, and I especially enjoy wearing them with an otherwise casual outfit (ripped jeans). Knowing what I know now, my new coworkers were wondering who was this crazy girl with the fancy shoes that make noise? Where does she think she has come to work? They definitely got some comments, not bad, more like "Do your shoes always make noise?" and I facetiously promised to bring the shoe. Tomorrow, purple flats. The day after that. leapard pointy toes with black bows. I was half-kidding, but I became aware that it was definitely possible for me to go into my closet each morning and put on a shoe-show.

These photos are just the beginning. If I really focused on it, I could devote an entire week to shoe pics. Not that you'd be all that intersted.

Happy Labor Day Weekend. It's a big deal here at the Jersey shore.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Best Friends

It's funny. I started out with the intention to write about my passport. It was expired, and I renewed it. I got it expedited and it now reflects my legal, married name. I was nervous my paperwork would get rejected, but apparently there are some parts of the US government that still have the ability to function like well oiled machines.

I am traveling for work this fall. I am going to Eastern Europe. Twice. I may be going to more places than that in other parts of the globe. In the space of a year. I had a travel bug, and it's being satisfied. It's also taking me away from Mr. and Baby SevPrez. You get what you want and it's not always in the form you expected.

If you read Treehouse Chatter, like I asked you to, you would know that she just shared what she wants in life. What she really wants. And I am so inspired by that. She is my real friend, one on my best real friends, one of the only people in this whole wide world of 6 billion people that I am willing to share my whole story with. All the gorey details. When something ugly reveals itself in my life, I call her. Because I know she will listen to me, and be there for me, without any judgement. She's also hilarious and fun and smart and intuitive and wise. There is something about her soul that my soul has recognized as being A1. You don't let those people slip away.

She is also my blog friend. I love blogs. I love professional blogs written by professional bloggers. There is a blogroll on the right side of this page that I espouse. But I'm not that, even as much as I aspire to be. I think I'll never be willing to sacrifice my privacy. This blog exists as much as a personal journal as it does a vehicle to share my life with my friends and family and world at large. So Treehouse Chatter is my real network, and my blog network, and I want you to think about what she wrote.

What would you write?

Here's what I left as a comment, that totally trumped my post about going to Romania and Poland this fall. But just so you know, if you stay tuned you'll get fun travel photos.

I want people to know what they want, and get it. Thank you for sharing your hopes and your wishes. It takes courage to roll your eyes, then answer.
I want to be a free bird. I want us all to be free birds. Nothing’s wrong. We are alive for a second; we are playing the game we make up.
I want to have direct communication with the people in my life. No more beating around the bush, filters, or acting out of guilt, shame, and obligation. Let’s everyone stop being nice, and let’s be great. Let’s make a difference in each others lives. Let’s see each others’ blind spots and stab each other in the front. We are fucking geniuses, if we could just get out of our own ways.
What I really want, most above all, is inner peace.
Now vote me Miss America.

Monday, August 20, 2012

This One Goes Out To You --

And you know who you are...

It's light on text and heavy on photos but it's something! I have been seeing some interesting things around town lately and I want to share them with you.

I will also add that Baby SevPrez is full on walking around on her own like it's her job. She's probably grown 2 inches in 2 weeks and it feels like we've got a real-deal-Holyfield toddler on our hands. Yikes!

Back to the photos:

JFK bust in the park I walk through on the way to the office.

Restaurant hunting in Trenton.

Egret spotting in Matawan.

Look closely at the hundreds of white flecks -- egrets!!

Doyers Street in Chinatown.