Monday, January 26, 2015

From The Mouth Of The Babe

Tiara = tinara

She loves to preface her conversations (even when she has just woken up) with "Can I ask you something?" or "Can I tell you something?"

Strawberry = Starberry (my personal favorite).

Kristof, Anna's love interest from "Frozen = Criss Cross.

Heartbeat = heart beep.

Saturn is her favorite planet because of its "jewelry" ("rings and necklaces").

Yesterday = Any day that has already happened.

Yesterday (actually yesterday) we were walking down the sidewalk in Asbury Park and upon seeing bits of litter she told me that "throwing things on the ground is not nice and not appropriate!" This really made my day as I'm always telling her when her behavior is not appropriate, and then thinking I should probably use an easier word.

Her favorite Christmas gifts: Lollipop nutcracker, mermaids for the bath, Doc McStuffins doctor's kits (2, both cherished!), Frozen bike with training wheels, dress up clothes from her cousins. She takes the shadow box approach with her favorite stuff, which is that she wants it around and out to look at, but she doesn't necessarily want to use/wear it. So we have big piles of stuff around the house, but she is so happy.