Sunday, March 24, 2013

Half Way There

Training for my second marathon this May in Sugarloaf, Maine. After feeling like I didn't have any time to run and conduct my life, I registered for the race knowing that since it was something I really wanted to do, I would create the time to train. And that's what has happened, with the support of my family (someone's got to pick up my slack around the house).

The biggest revelation so far is that's how life works: in the immortal words of my brother "What you want to do, is do what you want." Also: I can get out the door at 6:30am to run, even in the snow, something I previously believed to be impossible. Who knew?

Easter Grammy

My mom is quite the armchair knitter. Last year she whipped up bunnies for all the kids. This year she casually knits a kid's sweater a week at nights while watching TV, the first incarnation being an oatmeal colored sweater with rainbow buttons (for catching rainbows at Grammy's house) for BabySevPrez. At first the little one proceeded cautiously, but once she found a matchbox car planted in the pocket (!!!) she was all in, and wore the sweater all weekend, including nights over her jammies. Her blue sweater with ladybug buttons was a similar success.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Pingu And Other Foreign "Films"

The Acquisition of Roku (a small device that streams Netflix and other internet channels) has led to a household embrace of foreign films. Top on the list is "Pingu," a Swiss claymation series about a penguin named Pingu and his family. It's the best. They speak in a soft Scandinavian gibberish and get into Antarctic related hijinx. I would recommend it for anyone who finds themselves with a few minutes to fill.

Here's a link to the first Pingu short I ever saw. It was love at first sight.

For adults, we also enjoy Danish police procedural "The Eagle" and the Norwegian thriller "Headhunters" (even though it takes a bit of a gross turn at the end). "Heaven" starring Cate Blanchett and Giovani Ribisi was beautiful and perplexing and had both English speaking stars speaking Italian.

Anyone have an American movies to recommend?