Friday, April 22, 2011

Need Some Sun?

This is what passes for a dose of sun for those of us suffering through April showers back East. I snapped it while walking to my car after work the other day. I had hoped for an unobstructed view of the clouds, but the nature of my NJ landscape got in the way. It's too bad I didn't get the silhouette of any egrets flying home to the lake after a long day. They're back! And you can really see them right now, as the budding leaves don't provide them much cover. Hopefully I'll capture them on film soon.

Before I forget, us Knicks fans could use you: pray for a playoff victory tonight! I'm trying to stay optimistic, but the last two games have reminded me what it's like to be a Knicks fan in the post season. Almost feels like the 90s! Still, if we could get just one playoff victory this year, I would consider it a successful season. The bar is low my friends.

And one more thing, here are this year's NYU tulips. I have to say, not as impressive as years past. But who can turn their cheek to any array of tulips? Not I, not I.

Have an excellent weekend. I plan on cleaning my house tomorrow (glamorous, I know, but I'm craving some order in my life, it's supposed to rain, and Mr. SevPrez is in the last weeks of school) and making a bunny cake on Sunday to bring to my mom's for Easter dinner. Hopefully it turns out well and you'll see the fruits of my work.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Momentus Occasion

My beloved New York Knicks are in the playoffs for the first time in a long time (let's not dwell in the past). They play the Celtics tonight at 7pm. To honor this momentus occasion I present to you Bearnard King, lovingly crafted by my mother way back when. I resurrected him from my parents' attic so he can watch the resurgence of his team with the family.

Rub his belly for good luck!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

First Modern Family

I usually try not to just grab pictures and repost, but I was looking through the Michele Obama Look Book at and spotted this image of the First Lady and daughter Malia leaving the White House on March 18th for their trip to Brazil. 

So modern, chic, and lively. I love these people. Say what you want about their policies, they have style, confidence, and panache. We could use more of that in America.

On a related note, cookie maker extraordinaire Sweet Dani B made cookies for Operation Shower Presents Red, White and Coo at Camp Lejeune, an event for 40 pregnant wives of service members attended by the First Lady and Dr. Jill Biden.  Like Sweet Dani B on Facebook to see all her amazing cookies — including her cookie portraits of the Obamas on Inauguration night.